Each and every individual who is 60 years of age and above is unique and has different degrees of health, illness and disability. Ideally, any person above 60 years should visit a geriatrician at least once, if they want to achieve healthy ageing and lead an active life. A geriatrician should be consulted, if you or your relatives are 60 years of age and above and if answer to any of the below questions is yes:


1. Are you suffering from any of the medical conditions like Diabetes, high or low blood pressure, joint problems or arthritis, heart disease, Parkinson disease, respiratory problems or any other health issue or have multiple of these conditions at the same time?


2. Did you get frequently hospitalized in the previous 1 year?


3. Are you forgetting things more often than in the past or suffering from dementia?


4. Did you have a fall while getting up from bed or in the bathroom or in your home or outside in the previous 1 year?


5. Are you having difficulty walking or feeling dizzy/giddy on a frequent basis?


6. Are you having unintended weight loss or have lost your appetite for unknown reasons?


7. Are you taking 5 or more medicines (allopathic and alternative) every day or have difficulty in managing them?


8. Are you suffering from chronic constipation or loose motions or have recent alteration in your bowel habits?


9. Are you having urinary problems like increase in urine frequency or difficulty in passing urine or have to frequently get up in the night to pass urine?


10. Are you experiencing a decrease in your functionality or wheel-chair bound or bed-ridden and have increasing dependence on others for your daily activities?


11. Are your family members or care-givers being overburdened in the care process of your or your known-to person?