A Geriatrician is an Elderly Care Specialist Physician who specializes in the branch of medicine that deals with Senior Citizen’s health issues.


What do Geriatricians do? 

  • They care for the full spectrum of diseases seen in General/Internal Medicine, but their focus is only on elderly individuals
  • Geriatricians recognize the importance of maintaining functional independence in older people and focus on providing targeted preventive interventions
  • They are specifically trained in the normal and abnormal physiological and psychological changes associated with ageing and recognize the differences in presentation of disease relative to normal ageing
  • Geriatricians provide Comprehensive Medical Care to all the health issues in the elderly; whether it is poorly controlled diabetes or blood pressure problems or bone and joint problems/arthritis or dementia or dizziness and balance problems or Parkinson disease or urinary problems, to name a few
  • They are well-trained to evaluate and optimize the elderly persons medical state, who are to undergo surgery by performing a pre-operative comprehensive geriatric assessment and at the same time take care of any post-operative medical problems that may arise in such patients. They play a big role in early rehabilitation and discharge in such cases
  • Geriatricians are also experts in optimizing or decreasing the number of medicines taken by the elderly and thereby prevent side-effects



Prevention is the best cure      

We all need to realize that there is not much difference between small children and the elderly people. Both groups have various unmet needs that should be addressed in an appropriate way. Just like Pediatricians are specialized in taking care of children; Geriatricians are a relatively new specialty of doctors trained in the ageing process and specialized experts in providing optimum care to the elderly individuals. A Geriatrician’s ultimate motto is to provide best medical care for the elderly people, so that they can lead an independent, active and good quality of life in their golden years.